Cedar Pointe Village 8 Condo
55+ Retired Community
A Not For Profit Corporation
Village's 8 Story
How Village 8 Came To Be So Great!!!!

(Image Taken by Ginger Wallace)

Over 40 years of being the best location for retirement in Florida!! 

Village 8 is a 55+ community with a total of 19 buildings or 190 Condos.
Village 8 starts at Building 130 and ends at Building 148.
Each building is two stories tall with a total of 10 Condos in each, with top and bottom units.
Some of the amenities of Village 8 consists of a beautiful clubhouse that hosts all of the monthly Board Meetings as well as all Women's Club events and holiday celebrations; a shuffleboard court; a heated pool; and picture-prefect landscaping. 

Cedar Pointe Village 8 is the largest village in the Cedar Pointe Villages, which consists of Cedar Pointe Villages 1-5, Village 6, Village 7, and Village 8.  
While in the same complex, each Village is its own entity, with its own Board of Directors. While operating separately, each Village works together to make Cedar Pointe Villages one of the most beautiful and peaceful places for people to retire in the State of Florida.

Why would I want to live at Cedar Pointe Village 8?

That is a really good question!
Village 8 is a very social community with activities that take place year around.
Throughout the year, they host card games, theatrical performances, holiday parties, and so much more.
Village 8 has an amazing Women's Club that has its own calendar of events that run most of the year.
What truly sets Village 8 apart from the rest of the Villages are events like the Women's Club Bazaar, the end of year Pancake Breakfast, and the Senior Olympics. 

   While the activities in Village 8 never stop, the surrounding area always provides a great deal of entertainment, food and dining, and shopping experiences.   Just one step out of Village 8 and the beauty of Florida is open to you.  While Florida remains in a warm temperature year-round, there are easy ways to cool off.  It could be in Village 8's heated pool or at the very popular Bathtub Beach or Jensen Beach just across the bridge.   Almost every year, our residents put on an amazing theatrical performance or you can go across the street to the Barn Theater for wonderful live entertainment.   For those who like to visit museums, you are in luck for we have the Elliot Museum, the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center, and the Road to Victory Military Museum just moments away.   Down the street is Historic Downtown Stuart, which is home to the National Landmark Lyric Theater, as well as vintage shopping and river-front dining.
Lastly, Stuart is the Sailfish Capital of the World and that is no exaggeration.   Come to Stuart to fish and you'll be right at home.

The Story Of Village 8 Is Neverending!


Monthly Condo Owner Association Fee as of January 2019
due as of the 1st of each month
  1. Condo 1-A
    1 Bedroom with 1.5 Baths $243.00
  2. Condo 2-A
    2 Bedrooms with 2 Baths - End Condo $308.00
  3. Condo 2-B or 2-C
    2 Bedrooms with 2 Baths - Inside Condo $311.00

'Living in the Cedar Pointe Village 8  Complex is truly "Living in Paradise."   We have many activities so we can be as busy as we want or as reclusive as we want.    We have water aerobics three days a week, cookouts every weekend, card games, bingo, dances and dinners.   The camaraderie here is the best.   We are very supportive of each other. The grounds are perpetually maintained and beautifully so.'

~Florine LaPointe~